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Grad System UK

Hidden fix system for decking, cladding and paving

100% invisible fixing,
in a click.

Key Features

The unique selling proposition of Grad system lies in its innovative approach to fastening materials.This system is designed to offer long-lasting and efficient fastening solutions while ensuring a quick assembly. Its standout features include :


Luxury Finish

Invisible Fixings

Boards clip directly onto the Grad® system removing any need for nails or screws leaving a sleek uninterrupted finish.

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Effortless Precision

The unique concept of pre-equipped rails ensures perfect alignment on every installation.

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50% faster to install

The Grad® system's innovative design reduces installation time by more than 50%.


Easy to Learn

The easy to fit system means training is quick and easy and mistakes are minimised.

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Longer Life

Engineered to warp less and survive longer in better condition due to improved ventilation and water management.

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Our system adapts to all configurations and guarantees perfect alignment.



Designed with installation in mind, easy to use and reduces installation time by up to 50%.


A removable system with a 20-year guarantee, made from recycled and/or recyclable materials.

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"In terms of decking systems we would highly recommend Grad for their clarity of construction drawings and always being on hand for any advice or site visits. Fantastic product and service. We will be using again"

Tom Price - LDC Ltd

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