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100% invisible fixing, a unique & patented system.

  • 100% invisible fixing

  • Unrivalled reduction in installation time

  • Installation on all types of walls

  • No damage to the surface of the boards

  • Perfect drainage lines

  • Complies with the requirements of DTU 41-2

  • 20 year structural guarantee

  • Can be completely dismantled for use with ventilated cladding.

  • Many compatible materials for cladding profiles

  • Structure 100% made in Europe

Cladding Brochure

Cladding catalogue uk image.png


  • Endless design possibilities: width, thickness, spacing

  • Can be used with a wide range of complementary species: Oak, Beech

  • Can be combined with MDF, aluminium or medium panels in strip or panel format

  • Lightweight system: approximately 1kg/m² of structure

  • Open joint profiles can be dismantled

  • Perfect spacing and alignment

Grad® cladding interior
Grad® cladding on ceiling by Carpentier.png


  • Easy handling: lightweight aluminium profile

  • Rigid rail up to 4m

  • Boards can be removed for technical access

  • Pull-out resistance up to 280 kg per fixation

  • Numerous types and materials available: wood, aluminium, MDF

  • Design office available to support projects


  • Thin, lightweight profiles

  • Easy to install

  • Possibility of varying cladding widths and thicknesses for infinite customisation

  • Vertical and horizontal installation 

  • Many compatible wood species

Grad® cladding for fences and gates
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