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A system adapted to all configurations that guarantees perfect alignment of the boards.



Designed with installation in mind, easy to use and reduces installation time by up to 50%.


A removable system with a 20-year guarantee, made from recycled and/or recyclable materials.


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Grad was founded and is headquartered in Alsace France.

For almost 20 years, the Grad® team has 
been perfecting our invisible fastening system and the Grad® Clip.


Grad is owned by Burger et Cie, a family-owned French business spanning six generations since 1847.


The Grad system was developed to enhance the way decking is done, with a focus on sustainability. Grad has gained worldwide recognition and a loyal customer base due to its simple-to-use system and long-lasting results. To keep up with the high demand and the overwhelming success of Grad in recent years, the company is constructing a new factory. This new facility will allow the company to triple its production volumes, enhance its innovation capabilities, and implement sustainable manufacturing practices.


Grad employees 400 people globally and has teams based in Germany, The Nordics, Benelux, USA, Portugal, Thailand, Dubai and the UK.


A small team who are big on customer service, we take a hands on approach to ensure that every installation lives up to Grad's impeccable standards. We're dedicated and enthusiastic but most of all we try to have fun. If you fancy working with us just let us know. Get in touch

Tiffany Ulph

Managing Director

When not obsessing over the flawless finish of a meticulously laid deck or cladded building, Tiff can mostly be found eating cheese, drinking wine and skiing – joining a French family-owned company seemed like the perfect fit


Leigh Julier

Sales Manager

Lover of great design and amazing construction, Leigh's been working in the building industry for 15 years. Game for anything and a huge sports fan, supporter of Exeter Chiefs and Man Utd, but don’t hold that against him, he still knows a good thing when he see’s it and loved Grad from the start.


Emily Walker

Marketing Manager

Marketeer by day and keen DIYer at every other given opportunity. Em immediately fell in love with the Grad System and is now using her 15 years of marketing experience to spread the word. 

What's Important to Us


We choose to work with recycled and recyclable materials. We use 80% recycled aluminium, which is 100% recyclable, and the plastic used to make our accessories and clips is also 100% recyclable. We produce our products to order and use the woodchip waste from production to heat our factory. Lastly, when acquiring raw materials, we try to keep our supply chains as short as possible to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.


We love our brand and our products, but we need the people we work with to be inspired, happy and feel loved. Whether it’s out suppliers, customers, partners or team, we strive pretty blumin hard to excel in customer service and to make each working day a good one.


We embrace change, being challenged and knowing that there’s always room for improvement. We will continue to innovate our products to ensure our installers and distributors can provide their customers with quality decking and cladding, in the most efficient way.


We want to be proud of everything that leaves our factories/warehouses, and also be proud of completed projects many years down the line, which is why we won’t compromise on quality. Quality materials, manufactured to a high specification, made in Europe, installed by quality installers.


If you’re interested in hearing more about our CPD please click the button and fill in your details and we’d be delighted to find a time that works for you.

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"In terms of decking systems we would highly recommend Grad for their clarity of construction drawings and always being on hand for any advice or site visits. Fantastic product and service. We will be using again"

Tom Price - LDC Ltd

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