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Unlike most materials, such as stone, concrete or tiles, wood is not an unchanging material.


Even when cut into boards, planed and dried, wood retains the traces and characteristics of its plant origin. For example, a tree on the edge of a forest, which has been exposed to the prevailing winds, will produce planks whose behavior and density will not be identical to others!

This memory of the fibers, added to the sometimes spectacular variations in width according to the ambient humidity
level, constitutes what is commonly summarized by the expression "woodworking".


The horizontal exposure of a piece of wood to climatic changes, during the four seasons of the year, represents
very violent stresses for this material. 


Through the choice of the species we use, through our installation techniques, but above all through processing beforehand
(thermal modification, acetylation or furfurylation), we manage to avoid problems that would make the deck unfit for use, and even to guarantee life spans that exceed anything imaginable even 10 years ago.

In order to improve the comfort of use of your deck and to guarantee the durability of the coverings, Grad® recommends that you service your structure at least twice a year.

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