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Non-structural rail for installing exterior cladding, soffits, roofing, ceilings, and interior panelling.

1185_FLAT RAIL_1_3D.jpg
  • Thin: only 38 mm thick including a 20 mm thick board

  • Simple, quick and easy to install

  • Light : 630 gr/ml

  • Industrially pre-clipped rail for perfect drainage lines

  • Each board can be removed individually with special keys adapted to the width of the board

  • Rail can be cut to length

  • No contact between the boards and the aluminium rail for better air circulation

  • Invisible fastening

  • Simple, quick and comfortable installation

  • Endless possibilities

  • 100% recyclable


Rail Material
Aluminuim 6060
Rail Finish
Black Paint
Clip Material
Polyoxymethylene (POM)
Rail weight (including clips)
+/- 0,630 kg/ml
Maximum Length
3968 mm
Pull-out strength of the clip on the rail
150 to 250 kg, for two fixing points (depending on the type of board)
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