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Thermally modified wood, heated to 215°C


Why thermally modified wood?

  • Thermally modified wood (thermowood) is the most reliable option if you’re looking for a durable and dimensionally stable material for outdoor conditions. The high temperature of thermal modification changes the structure of the wood, significantly improving its durability and resistance to weather conditions.

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  • The biological resistance of the wood increases as the nutrients in the wood become more difficult to reach for pests and molds.​

  • Thermal modification leads to less internal stress in the wood, significantly reducing material consumption during construction.​

  • ​The wood’s moisture absorption capacity and speed decreases, resulting in reduced moisture deformations. The wood maintains its dimensional stability, meaning that it doesn’t cup, twist or bend as much as other wooden decking products.​

  • Thermal modification also gives the wood a delightful darker tone.​

  • ​The thermal and sound insulation performance of the wood improves.​

  • Thermal modification is chemical free.

Deck maintenance. To oil or not to oil?


Thermory thermowood decking boards don’t require surface treatment. Like any wood, the surface of Thermory products will naturally turn silver-gray over time – this process starts immediately and can take anything from a few months to a few years depending on the levels of UV radiation they’re exposed to. However, this does not make the wood less durable. If you want to preserve the wood’s original color, or change it, you can do so by treating the products with a UV-protection oil every year.

  • We recommend cleaning and maintaining the deck before the start of the summer season

  • If you would like to preserve the tone of boards that have turned grey over time, use colourless oil without a UV filter on the boards.

  • Lightly sanding faded boards will remove the silvery surface colour and restore the wood’s original appearance.

  • The oil should be applied only to clean, level, dust-free surfaces.

  • If you would like to preserve or change the tone of thermally modified wood, apply UV-resistant oil to the boards once a year.

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